Siempre buscamos las mejores experiencias y altos estándares de viaje. Nuestra mayor recompensa son los comentarios entusiastas de nuestros clientes y viajeros. Recogemos algunos de los más recientes entre los miles recibidos en casi veinte años de actividad. También puede descargar la integridad de nuestro libro de visitas.

All the hotels were perfect and beautiful. Everybody was so kind and helpful. We spent the four days touring with Michel. His knowledge of French history and the Provence region is unbelievable. Thanks Coline for making me look “like a star”.

Peg Alkman, Travel expert / Virtuoso

FYI, Decouvertes have been so lovely and professional. Very impressed. Thank you!!!

Averie Borgaro, Cassis Travel Services / Virtuoso

Dear Isabel, The Hansons are safely home having had a wonderful time in France. Thank you for planning such a lovely trip for them!

Ellen Coleman, Hanson & Clark / Virtuoso

Hello Maria, I spoke with Ms Calaway and she had a wonderful time in Paris… and yes a little too much fun at Dior! Thank you for accommodating her and the last minute changes. I truly appreciate you and your team and hope to work with you again!

Patricia Fasciotti, Glass slipper concierge/ Virtuoso, Mar, 2023

Celine and Marie – I also want to let you know how thankful I am to have partners like you in this trying time – last week has been the hardest since I got into the travel business 5+ years ago. We can only hope that the fear from this virus subsides and that people continue to travel. It is a resilient business!

Heather Parker, Bliss travel / Signature

Everything was great. Paris was extremely crowded but we had a wonderful time. Decouvertes was wonderful in everything they did for us. We loved the expeditors. I think one would be sufficient for our group in the future. The diner cruise was great and the 3 hours went by quickly. The switch to a VW van was fine, we could not tell the difference. What is the cost for the expeditors that we used, just for future reference? I thought they were very helpful in both directions. Agent: I cannot say enough good things about Decouvertes.

Janice E., Travel Leaders / Skyland world travel

There really are no words to express how meaningful it was for me to have walked and stood upon the hallowed grounds upon which so many Allied soldiers had fought and died there. It was fitting that the day we chose was overcast and somewhat windy with the unrealized threat of rain lurking behind the clouds, similar to the weather in the early morning of the June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion. Alain was not only a dutiful guide and teacher but, most appropriately for me, a man who clearly held in his heart a humbleness and deep respect for that which we could only imagine had taken place where we stood 78 years before. Thank you all, for your efforts on our behalf.

Joel Goodman

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all your help with my group trip. Our guides- Michel and Julian, were absolutely fabulous! Our drivers were wonderful and Camile, our cooking instructor, was delightful. Thank you so much for providing us with such a great experiences. I look forward to working with you again soon!

Laurie Brooksbank, Travel Experts / Virtuoso

I can tell you that your company is one of the best when I think of France. I have been pleased with the work and services provided for a few of my clients and hope this relationship continues as things begin to improve. I know France is still not open, but when the time comes, I’d love to hear about the safety protocols, as I find with my clients, this is key despite being vaccinated.

Leslie Wahlgren, Plaza Travel / Signature

Decouvertes, helps again! I have a high-touch needing family/friends trip for summer 2020 to Paris and Inelsi at Decouvertes has once again helped me look amazing in my clients eye. We had some specific experiences that were needed and she hit it out of the park. My client gushes every time we talk about the dynamite experience that we have pulled together for them. THANK YOU INELSI and the Decouvertes team!!

Michaela Moore, Creative Vacations and Cruise Centers / Signature

Everything went very smoothly. All of our hotels were good, but we especially like the Chateau Saint-Giles outside of Bayeaux and would highly recommend it. Lovely setting, excellent food and service directly from the owners. Also, all the restaurants recommended by your team were very good…

Michelle Bemis, McCabe World Travel / Virtuoso

I wanted to let you know that I just heard from the Ideker’s. They apologized that it took them this long to provide feedback but they absolutely loved their trip!! The Fauchon was their favorite hotel you put them at and the guide in the Loire valley was truly magnificent. They loved all of the guides as they were all very friendly and warm. The clients loved the smooth logistics, too. They met people who were traveling the same route and the other people had a very bad delay while our clients breezed right on from destination to destination. Thank you so much for making me look like a rock star. I appreciate that so much!!

Peter Rubin

I had a wonderful experience in August with my private meet & greet and my transfer from the airport to Gare de Lyon. Thank you! Please advise- I would love to use the service again- it was great!

Sarah Covey, Vibrant Travelers / Independant

Hi Celine. First, I have been meaning to write you and tell that the Black/Sandquists had a wonderful time in Paris/Normandy over the holidays. Ms. Sandquist also said they were happy that they had to rent the car (instead of taking the train) so they had time to stop in Rouen on the way back.

Sharon Delano, Frosch / Signature

Just wanted to let you know what a great trip we had. This was our seventh trip to Paris and we have stayed in many hotels going back to our first visit in 1969. All of the Harper hotels were 5 stars and all were so different. It would not be possible to rate one over the other. Our tour of Normandy with Eric was a never to be forgotten experience and the American cemetery was very moving…

Susan Blechschmidt, Andrew Harper