Su socio para un viaje en grupo excepcional

Viajes en grupo a medida en Francia


Seu parceiro para grupos na França

Experiências de viagem sob medida na França.

Conheça a arte-de-vivre da França e obtenha acesso privilegiado a locais exclusivos
em um itinerário criado para você por nossa equipe de especialistas.

Nos últimos 25 anos, criamos experiências únicas e inesquecíveis para organizações sem fins lucrativos, grupos de afinidade e as instituições educacionais de maior prestígio em todo o mundo.

Experiências educacionais e humanas

Nossa missão é dar acesso a experiências educacionais
e intercâmbios interpessoais na França.

Educação significa capacitar as pessoas com o material certo
e pessoas para orientá-las na descoberta.

Descubra um universo
de infinitas possibilidades na França

Navegue por nossas diferentes áreas de especialização

Environment & sustainability

O futuro do turismo

Saia da trilha batida e trilhe novos caminhos, abraçando a cultura, a comida, a flora e a fauna locais. Abrir as portas para os curiosos do setor agrícola para passeios interativos em fazendas e experiências exclusivas disseminará uma melhor compreensão da importância das práticas sustentáveis. Experiências que educarão e influenciarão as escolhas de estilo de vida.


Discover unique technological sites and companies in France

ITER Tocamac Fusion Chamber

Discover the latest innovations and be escorted by the best experts while visiting High-Tech companies, industrial plants, laboratories, and many other extraordinary sites like Station F, Airbus plants, ITER, CERN, or the Atomic energy center. Engage with engineers or scientists, meet your counterparts in French universities, and leaders of the French tech scene.

Cultural Heritage

Experience the places, artifacts and traditions that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present. Explore cultural, historic, and UNESCO World Heritage sites thanks to itineraries artistically designed to open your eyes to some of mankind’s highest achievements and France’s greatest wonders.

Art de vivre

Indulge into the French way of life

Rue de la Préfecture, Nice

Learn about traditions, etiquette and know-how – a combination that takes root in the History, the heritage and the culture of France.

Contemporary Art

Discover contemporary art in France through the galleries, private collectors and foundations.

Sculptor Jean-Michel Othoniel in his Parisian studio

While designing a program around Contemporary Art, our team will focus on the most innovative artists, places, events dedicated to contemporary art. We do not forget about events such as the FIAC in Paris or the Biennale de Lyon where you will get the opportunity to be led by experts and artists. Besides, we get a privileged access to kick-off parties and special events!


France offers an endless variety of architectural masterpieces

Millau Viaduc in Aveyron designed by Michel Virlogeux and Norman Foster

Contemporary master architects can introduce you to the latest buildings highlighting architecture in France, such as the Millau viaduct or the Library of France. Experts in architectural conservation guide behind-the-stage visits to sites which most interest you.


Discover France’s hidden gems

Le Jardin des Méditerranées, Domaine de Rayol, Var

From the gardens of Versailles to private estates and secret gems, the gardens of France are works of art that have inspired painters, poets, and playwrights and captivated visitors for centuries.


Get behind the scenes access to fashion houses: from exclusive visits to legendary workshops and flagship stores, learn the history of the brands and designers, attend fashion shows and get inside information from our experts.


Access private collections, private venues, world-class experts

France offers many unparalleled opportunities to learn about philosophy, literature, poetry, theatre, painting, sculpture, and cinema.


Facing both the North Sea and the Mediterranean, France has been subject to a rich variety of cultural influences

Come and visit France to know more about Gothic France, the Revolution era, WWI and WWII…


France boasts many prehistorical sites and amazing museums

Lascaux Cave, Montignac

Discover or re-discover Lascaux IV, Font-de-gaume, Niaux, and other sites with experts. Get a different perspective on life in the Museum of Natural History or the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution.

Gastronomy & wine

France’s incredible gastronomic diversity makes for a lifelong learning journey

Explore France’s culture and traditions while indulging in Michelin-starred
gourmet restaurants or tasting “on-the-go” at the local marché. Discover the heritage and diversity of french cuisine and try local delicacies with world-renowned Chefs that will share their savoir-faire and stimulate your taste buds.


A Secular State with a unique religious heritage

Sainte-Chapelle, Palais de la Cité, in Paris

Christian and Jewish heritages in France boast some of the world’s stunning and cathedrals, synagogues and monuments. Meet with religious personalities and learn from France’s history and intricacies in relation to religion.

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Dr. Michael Shara, Curator of Astrophysics, American Museum of Natural History

I had the pleasure of working with Decouvertes on the American Museum of Natural History study tour to CERN, which spent an intensive week of site visits and study and provided insider access and lectures by world experts in elementary particle physics and the invention and structure of the internet. Amongst our lecturers were a winner of the Nobel Prize in physics and two astronomers who discovered the first exoplanets, who went on to win the Nobel Prize in 2019 for this discovery. Highlights included a private visit to the underground tunnel/accelerator at CERN and to the elite laboratories where planet finding instrumentation is built. All of Decouvertes’ arrangements throughout this very high level tour were absolutely flawless. Every detail was handled perfectly and professionally, fromtransportation to accommodations, meals, site seeing tours around Geneva, andespecially admissions behind the scenes at the various labs and facilities. But Decouvertes’ partnership extended far beyond travel logistics. From the early planning stages of this highly specialised itinerary, they worked closely with our museum staff and myself to fashion and to cater all aspects of this program and to position it for success. Quite simply we could not have done this special program with anyone else.
Bertrand Colignon
President & CEO
Bertrand Collignon President & CEO After being a professional Sailor on the ’87 America’s cup and a Human Resources consultant, Bertrand is celebrating his 20th anniversary running Decouvertes, and organizing group tours for american museums and universities.
Alicia Stevens
Alicia Stevens Ambassador After directing the travel program of the American Museum of Natural History and being recognized as a leader of the industry, Alicia is now a Gates Cambridge scholar doing her PhD in cultural heritage at the University of Cambridge, UK.
Cynthia Mazure
Travel Designer
Cynthia Mazure Travel Designer After 5 years spent in the US working for the large Travel Company AAA, Cynthia joined Decouvertes in 2012and has been ever since creating unique and unforgettable experiences for our clients.
Marion Vaglio
Travel Designer
Marion Vaglio Travel Designer Marion has been specializing in the Events, Travel, Wedding and Wine Industries in France and Mexico for more than 15 years. She joined Découvertes in 2021 and is happy to design original and A la carte tours for your groups.
Marissa Blanchi
Group Operation Agent
Marissa Blanchi Group Operation Agent