Maxime Frédéric

Imagine strolling into a confectionary paradise where the air is laden with the aroma of freshly baked pastries, and your eyes are treated to a visual feast of eclairs bearing the iconic Louis Vuitton logo, tantalizing tastes mirroring the patterns on vintage trunks, and chocolate desserts adorned with the famous LV monogram.

Nestled within LV Dream, the Parisian exhibit space nestled by the Pont-Neuf, this confectionery, while not an entirely new concept in the world of haute couture, has found a new maestro in Maxime Frédéric.

At a mere 33 years old, this Normandy-born pastry virtuoso crowned the Gault & Millau’s Best Pastry Chef of 2022, has recently taken the helm of the pastry kitchens across three restaurants at Cheval Blanc, the luxurious hotel ensconced in the Samaritaine by LVMH.

Maxime Frédéric 3

His pièce de résistance? A meticulously crafted millefeuille, two years in the making, boasting an ethereal puff pastry that clinched the prestigious Madeleine prize at the Fou de Pâtisserie awards.

But what sets Maxime apart isn’t merely his mastery of technique; it’s his unyielding pursuit of taste perfection. He doesn’t just reimagine classics; he elevates them to gastronomic nirvana.

Unlike the viral pastry videos flooding social media, Maxime’s Instagram isn’t a symphony of kneading dough or mesmerizing icing techniques. Instead, it’s a canvas showcasing his obsession with flavors, captivating 145,000 followers with tantalizing glimpses into his culinary world.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Maxime’s success story is grounded in his rural roots, nurtured on the family farm. This fusion of down-to-earth authenticity and unparalleled skill lends an irresistible charm to his creations, drawing in connoisseurs and casual passersby alike.

Maxime Frédéric 2

The LV Dream café-chocolate isn’t just a haven for the sweet-toothed; it’s a testament to Maxime Frédéric’s meteoric rise in the culinary firmament, where taste and luxury converge in a delicious symphony, inviting you to indulge in the decadence of both flavor and opulence.

In a world where fashion meets flavor, Maxime Frédéric isn’t just a pastry chef; he’s an architect of edible dreams, fashioning a delectable universe that seduces taste buds and dazzles the eyes.

So, for your next visit to Paris, reach out to us at for an experience that’s more than just dessert—an exquisite journey through the unparalleled artistry and tantalizing flavors of Maxime Frédéric’s pastry empire.