Decouvertes Limousine is proud to operate a fleet of vehicles that can satisfy the needs of any traveler in Paris area. All our vehicles are professionally maintained with your safety and security in mind


The "S" class Mercedes has been voted the most beautiful car in the world and is known for both safety and comfort. This is the choice of transportation for busy executives, or special events, leaving the bestimpression on your clients or employees. You will arrive at your destination relaxed and in style.



Elegant styling, supreme comfort, innovative technology and a dynamic drive make the new generation E-Class the best E-Class ever.


  From the outside, the CITROËN C6 is strikingly different. Its sleek, trend setting lines tell a story of innovation, beauty, luxury and performance.

Inside, the CITROËN C6 is positively tranquil. Minimalist design and pure lines ensure a clutter-free dashboard. Unique half moon door bins glide shut and optional TGV-style rear seats slide and adjust - it’s a luxurious interior with the finish and finesse of a car that punches well above its weight. From the luxurious opulent feel of the interior to the incredible attention to detail and well-considered features, the CITROËN C6 rarely ceases to impress.



The Viano has all the hallmarks of a Mercedes-Benz. Striking headlamps, unmistakable grille, and dynamic smooth rounded forms. These produce an impressive Cd value of 0.33, which enhances acceleration and makes for a smooth ride. The Viano’s seats have been designed to offer maximum comfort even on the longest journeys.

All seats in the Viano are ergonomically designed and have three-point seatbelts. Single passenger seats have armrests and adjustable backrests. They move forward or back in 1 inch (25 mm) stages, to give you a more flexible space and passengers plenty of legroom where they need it.