Hello Bertrand,

Last month my clients, a group of 14 enjoyed your  meet and greet CDG Airport, transfers to Normandy, return transfer to Paris and meet and greet in Paris from Nice. Everyone raved about the service and knowledge of the guides. Cynthia and Sandra are amazing, no stone left unturned.

Also, I personally experienced your services in Normandy as well, exceptional!

Warm Regards,


Good Morning Sandra,

The group loved the arrangements Sandra.
Rave reviews.  Thank you again.

Best Wishes for a beautiful sunny day on your special Wedding Day.


Hello Sandra!

The group very much enjoyed their cooking lesson as well as eating the results of their effort.  Kela was marvelous and did an excellent job making everyone feel comfortable.  She shared information on the bus ride both ways, and was able to answer questions that some people had.
Thank you for all you did to make our experience so memorable.



Just an FYI on this event in Monte Carlo.  The guide Stephenie, was terrific.  Great driver also.  We all loved the day with one exception. 
Regards, Paulette

Dear Sandra

Nice to hear of you !

For me was a pleasure to know all of you as well

I was going to write you today the trip was very nice and all the places you chose to visit, lunch or dinner where perfect . The driver Rose was excellent and Gil at Cannes was good as well. The lodge was perfect and dinner there was superb !

We enjoy a lot all the places and this memorable trip !!!

Have a very nice day

Best, Andrea


The H's are having a wonderful time in France, and I heard that everything was perfect with the drivers in Bordeaux.  Thanks so much for all your help!  Hope to work with you again soon.

Warm regards,


Dear Lina,

Just wanted to send you a note regarding the trip. The trip was fabulous. The guides were wonderful and everything worked extremely well. I know you spent a lot of time and back and forth communications with us on accommodations in Provence. The Villa Baulieu was beyond fabulous and something out of a dream world.

It was the BEST birthday ever!!!  Thank you!!!

Dear Tiphaine,

 Lisa loved her driver.  He took them past the Tour Eiffel on the way to the hotel and she posted about  him on facebook! 

Best regards,


Good afternoon. I wanted to let you know that my clients very much appreciated their transfer guides in CDG and MRS. And had a great tour with Stephanie!!! I know it's always good to have feedback, especially when it's positive.
Thank you so much, I look forward to working with you further in the future.
Best, Marci

Hi Geraldine,
My apologies for the delayed reply, it has been quite busy here.
It is great to hear that Decouvertes is happy with KT team  and can assure you that our France specialists are quite pleased with your team! 
Indeed, France and Europe overall sales dropped this year due to various political situations. We did notice some demand rebound for the last two months and anticipate these requests to close in FY17.
I absolutely love your idea about a monthly webinar on a themed customized itinerary in France. In fact, we just looked at product roadmap for Europe and France was number one priority!
Let’s start with the themes you have suggested and then ask the team what else they would like to be trained on.