Hello Ralp,

First, I want to let you know that my husband and I had the best time with Stephanie on our tour with her on Oct. 22nd.   She was a delight and oh, what fun we had.


Hello Celine,

I’ve been meaning to tell you that the Robes had a great time in France and they pass their special thanks to the lady that helped them with the cave tours, they said she went above and beyond. I was looking for her name, I think it was Veronica buy I am not sure. 

In any case, thanks again for your reservations and hospitality efforts.

Thanks Celine – I’ll stay in touch for any future FITs.

Best regards.

Hi Jessica!

The Nordbys are home and I wanted to pass on what they had to say about their guide:

Kevin and I want you to know that our guide-driver Diane, was really fantastic!  Not only was she really knowledgeable, she was also really interested and engaging.  She did a terrific job and we felt lucky that she was assigned to us!

So that's great! I'm sure they loved the sites and hotels as well though we haven't heard anything else. :)



Hi André,

I wanted to update you on the status of my clients’ trip to France & Monaco this month. I spoke to their daughter the other day to answer some questions and then just heard from her this morning. Unfortunately, some things have come up with her father’s work (he is a doctor here in Washington DC), and they have to postpone their trip for now.

She loved the proposal and said she would let me know when they are able to travel again, so I will certainly reach out when I hear back from her about resuming their trip plans.

Please also know that I have been so impressed with your service and responsiveness throughout this process and you and your team will now be my go-to partners for any France request!




Hi, Andre, I have just spoken to Vita Weir. She had the most fabulous experience in Corsica. Everything was seamless, and she is absolutely “over the moon”…. I am so grateful!


Beth Blaustein

Hello Andre and Marie,

I hope all is well with you.    I just had a very quick conversation with Barbara Siskin.   She is just back and did not have a lot of time, but told me that the trip was a huge success. Both she and her husband appreciate your work and input and also extend a “thank you” to Marie for her help along the way. She told me that she would contact you directly and if you need any input or feedback, she will be happy to provide it.

Also a big thank you for from me for all of your work on this trip.

Warm wishes,

Thank you again.


Dear Ralp,

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to use Decouvertes and your wonderful guides.  Not only did we see so many great places while touring to Normandy and Marseille area, we also experienced great guides.  Both Christian and Yoann were fantastic and shared all their knowledge about the destinations, they also made suggestions for me to take back to clients visiting on cruise ships and riverboats.  I learned so much about France that I can share with clients and hope to be able to work with you soon.

Again, my sincere thanks for allowing me the opportunity to use your services.


Lisa Koenen

Hi, Andre, I have just spoken to Vita Weir. She had the most fabulous experience in Corsica. Everything was seamless, and she is absolutely “over the moon”…. I am so grateful!


Hello Jennifer,

You and your team did a FABULOUS job. Bob can’t stop telling me how wonderful everything was.

The guide in Paris was terrific, apparently, Lorna and the guide cried when they said goodbye.

They loved both hotels in Provence. Great job picking those out Jennifer.


Querida Celine,

Gracias a ti por tu apoyo incondicional, el esfuerzo, el trabajo extra. Si así lo haré tambien lo voy a compartir las sugerencias con otros agentes que trabajan con ustedes

Excelente tarde, los pax estan encantados con la belleza del sitio.