The Montanios has a GREAT TIME!!!! See her email below, Thanks to you too Andre, you are the best, sounds like they had the best room at the Senat!!

"Hi Christie,
I cannot possibly tell you how wonderful and magnificent our vacation was! Really, I cannot express it in words. I am physically here in Denver, but mentally still living in France.

We were SO WELL taken care by Decouvertes. It seemed like each day was better than the previous one. I could sense you traveling with us too.

Thank you so much for your sweet notes that we received at Hotel Senat in Paris, and Chateau de Mazan, and my special birthday dessert with sparkler on our dinner cruise in Paris.
We loved our room in Paris - it had a terrace that we stepped out on with a view of Cather Medici's palace at the Luxembourg Gardens. OMG!!!!!
Our seats at the Salle Pleyell were awesome! The hotels in Mazan and Mas de Guiles were deluxe - so comfortable, so luxurious.

Our Decouverts guide, Helene, was wonderful! So enthusiastic, so much fun to be with.
We have had such a wonderful 2 week immersion in French culture -- the people were so gracious every where we went. I have been changed forever -- all good. Hope I don't sound like I'm too sappy here, but we were really impressed by everything.
We made it through airports and train stations in one piece and have some good stories related to the TGV. I will always remember the English guy - our "travel angel" who helped us on the TGV from Avignon to Paris.

We are pretty tired from Monday's journey from Paris to Denver - whew! But we're well, didn't pick up any colds or flu. Adjusted to Paris' time with very little jet lag.

So so thankful. I know we'll talk soon.
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