French Regions

The region is full of wild moorland, vast blue lakes, rolling hills, tumbling rivers and waterfalls.

Fertile valleys, soft limestone plateaux, forests and woodland are all present in this region which has over 420 places classified of historic interest including castles, churches and Châteaux.

The Alsace & the East region of France have retained a strong local flavour.

Its traditional half-timbered houses topped by storks' nests and its local dialect make this region very different from any other in France. Share the pleasure of drinking fine wine, tasting exquisite meals, discovering the pastel-painted villages, all of which make this region such a charming one.

The region Centre is a region to be lived intensively.

Situated in Central France this region counts with a breathtaking views and scenery, incredible landscape of extinct volcanoes, plateaus and deep valleys.The region is a paradise for those who love nature, an unspoiled countryside, and outdoor activities, including bird watching, rafting, biking, golfing, hiking, and hang-gliding.

No other Mediterranean island has Corsica's lushness.

With its conservation areas and nature reserves which have been registered on Unesco's world heritage list, Corsica remains for the most part a protected island. Its lively culture is the product of centuries of customs maintained by the island's soul. The village fair, a showcase for the Corsican way of life with its winemaking tradition going back to antiquity and its gastronomy full of local flavours, is just one way of discovering and learning to love Corsica.

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