French Regions

From Alpine skiing, to the world's best art and shopping, to southern beaches and country chateaus, France has something to offer to everyone. Officially the French Republic, the nation of France is home to a little over sixty-five million people, of which twelve million live in Paris or the surrounding area. But the nation of sixty-five million people draws nearly eighty-two million more people each year as tourists, making it the most popular tourist destination on Earth...

Paris is often said to be the most beautiful and most romantic city in the world. So, why not come and see for yourself? Decouvertes is here to make your trip a memorable one!

Come to Normandy and discover a stretch of France’s most beautiful wild coastline.

Enjoy the breathtaking landing beaches, the hollowed out rock at Etretat, Honfleur and its flowery harbour, the chic town of Deauville. In contrast, further inland, enjoy cider, cheese and mill routes…

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Cities and sites in Normandy

The myths and legends of the region of the Druids with its prehistoric megaliths are waiting to be discovered by you.

Follow in the footsteps of painters such as Gauguin and be delighted with the Celtic heritage of this region, where the “Breton” language is still spoken and customs are still well preserved. The “Land of the sea” will charm you with its rich folklore and strong culture. With Decouvertes you can take part in the genuine Breton lifestyle and visit the picturesque ports and the oyster farms, so traditional to Brittany.

This vast area nestled alongside the border between France and Spain is prosperous and unequalled.

Bordeaux elected as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007, with its world famous wines, the perched village of Dordogne Region… all of which are examples of the richness of this delightful region. With Decouvertes you will discover the mixture of high green mountains, peaceful ancient villages and clean rivers and don’t miss the unforgettable images of this region full of nature and prehistory.

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This spectacular mountainous region with its snow-capped peaks and blue pristine lakes and rivers offers an impressive scenery that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Here the nature is unique and intact, the perfect place to enjoy the outdoor activities that Decouvertes proposes you. Choose between a walking tour in the forest or flower-filled fields or a skiing experience in some of the rich ski resorts in the region, discovering the charming villages and sample mountain life!

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Cities and sites in Alps...

From the stunning lavender fields and olive trees, the sparkling blue sea of the South, to the luminous images of this region bathed in sunshine which inspired painters and writers …

Take a deep breath and let your senses run wild as you plunge into this vibrant region and discover a mixture of idyllic villages, luxury villas and exotic gardens. With Découvertes come and explore the beauty of this Mediterranean land, where colours, scents and flavours will leave you enchanted.

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Cities and sites in Provence & Riviera...

This prosperous region is considered as the heart of France, a wealthy land where gastronomic traditions complement excellent wines.

Lose yourself in the maze of narrow streets and passages of Lyon and enjoy the atmosphere of this elegant city where silk and jewels are its best ambassadors. Let Decouvertes show you the art of good living…

Come to live a fairy tale visiting the spectacular French Castles of the Loire Valley and let Decouvertes guide you during this immersion in centuries of history and culture.

These well preserved castles are jewels of unequalled architectural beauty. But the Loire Valley is also pretty villages along the banks of the Loire River, impregnated with the harmony of surrounding landscapes and gardens. And don't forget to taste the local cuisine and the wonderful wines, superb examples of the richness of this region.

Champagne exerts a magnetic attraction for wine lovers where pretty villages are nestled amongst the famous Champagne producers.

With Decouvertes visit Reims Cathedral, a glorious site where the kings of France were once coronated and have a champagne tasting either or both at the greatest champagne maisons or small unknown producers in their châteaux. Champagne region is accessible from Paris as a one day excursion but it is really worth your time if you want to spend a couple of days.