The beauty of individual travel is that your trip is made especially for you! Share your dreams with us and let Découvertes™ do the rest…


Découvertes’™ customizes vacation experiences and enables you to get a feel for the country and experience it in a totally different way. Visiting France always has something frustrating : there is so much to see, so much to do, so much to experience that it is impossible for one to see and experience everything in one stay.

There is something for everyone whether you are, a first comer, a regular visitor, a child, a young adult or a party of frineds. France is a rich and magnificient country with endless possibilities! This is the reason why we have created "The Collections". They aim to help you to learn, find and decide where to go and what to do.


We are very happy to share what our country can offer you. Our team of Travel Consultants are here to help you put together the once in a life time experience that you are looking for while planing your trip to France.


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Our Experience Collections give visitors a full immersion into real French living. It cuts across food & wine, unique options and French destinations, experiences and activities focused around kids, French monuments and outdoor experiences, fashion destinations and activities, cities, and, of course, a lot of customized excursions. Learn more HERE!


Our Accommodation Collections showcase the most luxurious hotels, villas & chateaux, chalets, apartments, and, of course, restaurants you find in and around them. It also gives a comprehensive range of transportation options, barges, and luxury yachts. Learn more HERE!


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Our food experience collection is perfect for those who wish to enjoy hands-on cooking classes with famous, as well as budding young chefs, dine in Michelin-starred restaurants. Discover local products in charming hidden inns or simply enjoy spending time strolling through a fabulous open-air market…


Enjoy a luxury wine tasting in the best French wine regions, discover local products, learn about wine tasting techniques with the best wine experts and local wine producers or simply enjoy spending time strolling through gorgeous vines.

These are unique options and venues to make a visit more exclusive and different. Our goal is an unforgettable trip with the out of the ordinary experiences that make the difference and that will allow you to discover the hidden treasures of France.


This collection presents itineraries of unique experiences that are particularly adapted to kids.  They offer a good balance of cultural and fun activities, so that kids can learn and experience while having fun. A perfect way to learn and discover exclusive experiences!

Most of the products you will find in the Kids Collection are also totally suited and very interesting for parents, so don’t be shy to pick one even if you don’t have kids with you! Childish pleasures are for holidays, after all…

Decouvertes collection of favourite dining spots range from authentic old time French bistros to top Michelin starred venues throughout the country. Spend some time eating out and shopping at local open air markets and you’ll likely come away convinced that it still reigns as the reference when it comes to cuisine.
Decouvertes makes reservations for you, do not hesitate to ask us.

A carefully hand-picked selection of properties including stunning chateaux and luxury villas in the most desirable locations in France…Your clients can discover these charming properties as a couple, with their family, or in the company of good friends.

The big question is: What is going on in France? In this collection you will find the soon to come Events : concerts, ballets, major sporting events, operas, fairs, shows... and the list goes on... Thanks to our exclusive partners, Decouvertes offers Tickets for the best events in Paris and France. 
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Organize a study tour developed for your educational objectives or just enjoy a shopping trip with a group of fashion fans and friends. Imagine Paris, the Capital of fashion with privileged entries, access to runways of the latest trends with fashion journalists and experts.

Decouvertes works with experts and guides all highly-knowledgeable and enjoying sharing their passion with travellers. 

You will find here a non exhaustive list and a short profile of our preferred guides and experts.


A collection of the best luxury motor and sailing yachts on the Mediterranean or Atlantic Sea. Decouvertes and its partners have selected the most suitable vessels in keeping with your clients’ taste, budget, purpose of the rental, as well as any special requirements they may have. Thanks to our exclusive MYBA partner, all our clients enjoy world wide MYBA rates!

Get closer to the heart of France by really discovering its regions and their beautifully changing landscapes. Walk on historical paths, share unique moments with locals, discover the arts and crafts of each region. Meet farmers, learn about the fauna and flora of each region and indulge in and discover the delicious local food and products!

Our luxury barge cruises along canals and rivers offer you the opportunity to travel in history and nature. Discover chateaux, vineyards, markets and beautiful natural sites during your cruise and enjoy the company of a friendly and professional crew on board.

These luxury chalets nestled in the French Alps are perfect to enjoy the snowy slopes or for a summer vacation in one of the most beautiful regions of France. Surrounded by magnificent views, these warm homes combine comfort and luxury.

These short-term apartment rentals in Paris will give you a taste of living in the city of lights instead of just visiting. This collection has been created specially for clients looking for elegant and cosy apartments in Paris and its surroundings. A great choice for people looking for intimacy and tranquility.

Our job as travel specialists is to select the hotel offering the comfort and intimate feeling that you are looking for. Our large collection puts together our favorite hotels across the country, including elegant and quaint boutique style hotels, bed & breakfast, châteaux hotels and charming three-star. We visit all these properties regularly and we have extremely competitive rates.

Enjoy exclusive visits to private gardens never open to public. Whether created and lovingly nurtured by passionate amateur gardeners, who are delighted to share their private Eden with you, or designed by master landscape artists for the pleasure of us all, each of these gardens is one of a kind.

Discover the French cities with our Cities Collection. Walk through the narrow tangled streets that are the testimony of a long building process that began in the middle age and still keeps going right now. With a city tour in France, enjoy the day to day french life, discover traditional french markets, and walk by old monuments that often have they own, old story. 

Private transfer, meet and greet in and out at the airport or the train station… Decouvertes is engaged every day to take your trip to the highest level of comfort with multi language services, luxury cars and professional and experimented drivers and guides.
Priority access and escort through customs, handle of your luggage, access to VIP services… Just relax, we take care. 

France is home to a number of landmarks and monuments scattered throughout the country. Towering, graceful, historical, majestic, triumphant - these are but a few of the adjectives one tends to ascribe to many of them.