Hi Joachim,

Good Day!

I have received your outstanding document presentation. Thank you. 

What an amazing presentation and the opportunity to work with you.


Thank you, Ralp. I am sure that Melanie will be lovely. I also want to tell you how much we enjoyed the Macaron Pastry Class - Philippe was absolutely wonderful. We had the best time. And the tour with Martin made the Louvre an extra special experience. 


Hi Jessica,

My clients returned from Paris and absolutely loved it. They said that using Decouvertes was so nice, professional and luxurious. They loved the guides/drivers, the cars you used and the Itinerary.  They would absolutely recommend using you again. 


Celine – thank you very much for the voicemail – I appreciate everything you are doing for the family!

They were so happy with the chef and sent great feedback on the Louvre tour and the bike tour. 

Thank you so much for everything that you’re doing.

Hi Ralp,

These clients just returned yesterday from France and I had the email below from Alexandra.  Thanks so much for your help in getting this organized so quickly and for following through with great recommendations and service throughout.  It is sincerely appreciated!

All my best,



Hi Ralp,

Just wanted to share with you the nice comment! 

Thanks for everything!



Hi Jessica,

I heard back from my clients last night who said they had an AMAZING time in France!! Thank you for all of your help. I will keep you in mind when I have other clients wanting to travel to France.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Warm regards,




Hi Andre,

Sometimes it’s just nice to get a nice letter saying “thank you.”

Thank you, Andre!

Thecla Vis

Great feedback from the happy Whitenights!

Thank you!

Hello, Ralp and Harmonie! 

I thought I'd share the email I received moments
ago from Gretchen Davidson.  THANK YOU for all of your efforts. So far, so good!