Ralp, thank you  for complimentary meet and greet at the airport.  It was such a treat and made out entry into Paris so much easier.

We arrived at 5:30 ( 11:30 Paris time) & decided to stay at the Hilton.  In the past, Steve would always have driven. Life changes now that we are in our 80’s!  Steve is hiking to the airport to get the bus to the long-distance parking lot. Thank you for your part in what I think we all feel was a trip that could not have been better.  In the beginning, I thought the trip was a day or two long;  in the end, we found we did not have a day to shop! All pre-planned excursions & events were perfect. Our guides were ideal!  Have only positive things for you to report: friendly, accommodating & Smart.  Jillian did the transportation to & from the airport. He gets top rating from all of us.  We have no idea what his knowledge is outside of Paris.  One would not find a more knowledgeable guide than Jean Noel.  His depth of knowledge was extraordinary!  It appeared he knew everything there is to know about Monet & Chartres.  We also learned he is an World War I & II historian.  We did wish it had been a day trip to Chartres so we could have visited the shop & seen the town.  We all thought it might be fun to take a day trip with him to 1 or 2 chateaux another year!  As we breathed a sigh of relief leaving Boston 10/28, the thought of another trip was not in our minds!

We all enjoyed the Lutetia.  It is very modern.  We experienced only slight inconveniences because everything is electronically controlled.  Since it only opened 3 months ago, much work was in progress, principally a bistro on the street corner of the hotel.  At the moment, dining is limited.  We think that the large room where they serve breakfast now might be turned into a formal dining room.  I think Judy might be open to another trip, another stay at the Letitia to see the changes! :pensif:

No complaints!  These are simply 2 thoughts for us to keep in mind for our next trip!  We would have been more comfortable with more than the 3 hours between pick-up at hotel & flight time.  We had 2 quick stops for EST & one purchase, but we had the longest possible walk to the gate.  Second,  we really enjoyed our lunch at the Eiffel Tower and would go again.  On another trip, we will not schedule it for Sunday noon as we had to miss the organ playing at Saint Suplice!  The options for dining (bistros, brassieres & restaurants)are mind boggling.  We made out very well!

I copied Judy on this to make sure she agrees with everything I said.  She said it would be fun to meet you for lunch in Manchester sometime. We would enjoy that.  Again best to you and our sincere thanks, Val & Steve

Here we R at Giraffe  waiting 4 Baba au Rum. First night outdoor dining open in a week- Lucky us. Trip beyond expectations!  Judy, Val, Steve

Cecile, The Mark Meissner group went so well and in fact we are already planning for next year. Mark would like driver Fabrice again!! He did an outstanding job. Thank you for all the efficient service and making this trip memorable for all the participants.

Easy flight! Comforting to be welcomed by friendly driver! Very nice modern hotel. Has only been open 3 months. Very accommodating! Anxious to work out kinks! We had a wonderful day at Giverny. Rain on the way. Sun peaked thru clouds during our garden tour. Outstanding guide. Thanks. Val & Steve

Hi Jessica, Just got off the phone with Bob, he is hard to impress, really impress but you sure did it!  He and his wife are wonderful people and my favorite clients. They loved everything in France!   The way they were shown to the Airport at the very end just blew them away! They loved their stay so much and their driver and guides but the treatment at the airport was such a nice surprise.  We both saw it listed on their itinerary but was unaware what it involved.
They will going back in May for the Grand Prix and already know where they want to stay. I will let him get unpacked this morning before asking him more about that just yet.
I would not be surprised if he contacts you to thank you once again.
I would like to thank you once again for a wonderful job with my clients. They are so happy and what more could an agent ask for!
Many, many thanks!

Ralp – I spoke to them today! We are all set! Thank you so much! EVERYTHING in Paris has been spectacular!

Dear Ralp, My apologies for the delayed THANK YOU! Your guide was REMARKABLE and made our time at the Louvre so enjoyable and informative. Thank you very much for your generosity.  Between traveling and my Dad's recent passing, I am regretfully very late in thanking you and the team, but it does not diminish my level of gratitude which I will continue to repay as I find the right clients to book high quality travel in France with you. Warm regards,

Hi Ralp, I wanted to thank you so much for the airport transfer.  Moshe was great! Best,

Hi Ralp, I hope all is well. I just spoke with Julie Ruttan about their trip and overall they really enjoyed it.  Most of their accommodation was excellent, their guides were great and they really enjoyed the excursions that we booked.  She has a few comments about some of the accommodation.
There were a few places that were not at the same level as the others. Hostellerie Le Cedre was a nice place but their room was in poor condition. They felt the rooms were old and rundown and had peeling paint and chips in the walls.  They found it very odd that their room was in such poor condition.  As well, Hotel du Chateau they did not like very much.  Their room was very small, and considering the high end hotels they had been staying at, it did not match the same level.  Other than that they liked all their hotels, and loved a few of them like Esprit St Germain, Chevre d’Or, La Bastide de Gordes and Chateau La Cheneviere.
Thanks for your assistance on the booking, again I really appreciate your expertise.
Best regards,