Hi Celine,

I received a report on the Normandy trip and wine pairing from Mrs. Bice.

They loved everything and were so happy with all the arrangements.

Thank you Celine for again making me so great.

I like wonderful reports from my clients and it was all with your help.

You are the Best.



Hello, Bertrand! 

My name is Michael Bennett, and I am the EVP at Nomad Hill, a US-based luxury tour operator. I have had the pleasure of working with Géraldine Catherine on several proposals over the past few months, and while they have not lead to any significant bookings of yet, I am compelled to write you to let you know how easy and professional it has been working with Géraldine. 

I am sure you are well aware of this, but Géraldine is prompt, timely, friendly, and creative in putting together itineraries and proposals. I look forward to working with her (and Decouvertes) in the future as we at Nomad Hill continue to grow our business and send clients to France. 

Thanks for your time. Best of luck and we do look forward to working with you in the near future!

Hi Mathilde,

All went great.  Very nice restaurant and the food was excellent.

That for all you help.



Dear Bertrand,

I wanted to share these wonderful comments with you regarding the event and express our gratitude for the great job Mathilde did to set this up for our Advisors and their clients.

Best regards, Mary Kaye.


Good morning! Good news – Mrs. Foulger loved her time with Christian and Thibault. She said they were everything she could have hoped for so thank you so much for making her so happy!! I truly appreciate it.

You’re welcome Celine.  I know how good you are and how hard you work and trust that I will only recommend the agents that will be worth our time with great business for you!

Kindest regards, 


Just a quick note to say how pleased the Mills group was their guide, Isabella. Most times we don’t hear much unless there’s a problem. Mr. Mills emailed me Saturday evening and said, “Our guide was great and we enjoyed her.” After Sunday, he emailed me again. Apparently Isabella walked their legs off but Mills emailed me and said, “I wasn’t sure how it would go but she was dynamite.” – his words.

Many thanks for your help. Regards … Dan

Hi Cynthia,

I heard the event went to perfection so I just wanted to thank you and everyone involved. I look forward to hearing from Wendy all about it!

Again, thanks so much!!

Warm regards,


Hi Celine

You are the only one person found great guide at last min, she sounds fantastic.

I really appreciate it!!

Thank you so much! Nam

Dear Geraldine,

I want to Thank You very much for an excellent trip to Paris. We had a lovely time on our tours, and thought it was a great combination for us since it was both of our first time. We enjoyed our time with the guides you selected for us, especially Christian. Transfers ran smoothly and vehicles were very well appointed. It was an extraordinary trip and we enjoyed our holiday in Paris. I appreciate you confirming these arrangements for us. Have a great week!

Warm Regards,

Victoria Strubbe