Another VERY pleased client! Thank you for your continued awesomeness…you truly are my BEST French alley on the ground!
Good morning form New York, Marie: Happy POST Easter wishes. Still too many chocolate bunnies at my house.  OY! I am so pleased that this has come together so nicely. Thank you for making it so very easy. As always, standing by, SQ

Hi Gabriel...thank you so much for your help with my clients...they are very happy with your service and the team... I will let our Ensemble corporate office know that you did a great job!! Enjoy a blessed Easter and we are praying for you country and the rebuilding of the Cathedral...God Bless

Thank you Ralp, Everything was excellent!
Ralp, I hope you are doing well! I just recently had lunch with Denise Swann (you helped me with her trip last fall) and she was still raving about their time in France with Decouvertes!
Hi Gisela, Just to let you know my clients had a wonderful time - they said the guides and drivers were fabulous.
Jessica and Ana, As always, your itinerary and planning was well appreciated by my clients. They loved their trip to Bordeaux and said their driver and guide were fantastic and extremely knowledgable, also loved the Intercontinental … they had a wonderful time. Thank you,
Hey, Thank you Ralp, This was a huge success: Madame Tammy, Monsieur Justin, High tea at the Hotel Meurice in Paris was a fabulous gift to us.  It was so much fun and what an exciting venue for four Louisiana gals!!  Thank you so much. This was my eighth trip to Paris and I see it differently every time, this time was no exception.  You two did a wonderful job with the planning.  Maybe my ninth trip will include more high tea and better yet, a stay at the Hotel Meurice.

Thought I would share the below. Alan really loved the tours!  Can’t wait to work together again. Thanks, Michelle

<<Michelle, Wanted to let you know that the guides in all 3 locations were excellent.  Our favorites were the Lyon and Geneva guides-which were two different woman.  By the way I actually think I may like Lyon a bit more than Paris….which is surprising to say I would assume.>>


Hi Linda,

The tour yesterday was amazing. I don’t take nearly as many pictures as I thought I might but only because I was 100% engrossed in what the guide was saying the whole day.

He was incredibly knowledgeable and the tour was perfect.

Thank you again for setting this up,