Hi Lina 

Great feedback from David Wang already:

We thought the food tour in Paris was excellent and we discovered many places in the very neighbourhood we were staying in that we missed. It feels like we bought half the store in the epicerie Mughé showed us.

Thanks so much


Bonjour Geraldine! Hope you are well and enjoying your summer so far.

The Naatz Family had such a wonderful time in Normandy and Paris. They absolutely loved the tours in Normandy and were so happy to watch the French Open with the tickets you got for them. Thanks once again for helping to create a wonderful experience for them.



Dear Geraldine,

Warm greetings from a very hot & sticky Miami, FL.

Mrs. Marie Jones, has contacted us to advise that this was the very best trip she’s ever.  She cannot stop singing your praises.

Am over the moon to hear all worked out.  Many thanks again for all you’ve done.

Many, many thanks.

Kind regards.

Ms. Bea M. Garcia


Dear Andre,

Thank you for attending to this matter so promptly. I would like to reiterate how much my clients loved your tours and guides. They especially loved Walter and were most impressed with him. Thank you! I cannot wait to book again with you! Have a great day!

Best Regards,


First of all, thanks for working documents that are perfect, clear, practical and very useful. Very good file! (But this is always the case with Découvertes).

Thanks also for the responsiveness and availability when we needed you. It is really important to feel that there is effective support.


Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for the follow up!

The cooking class was great!

We all love the chef and what we made!

The guide was very good! I would use her again!

I sent a picture to Virtuoso of the group!

Merci Beaucoup!


We had a fantastic day with Alex at the cooking school. Everyone really really enjoyed it!!


We are so looking forward to meeting Maria and Jennifer and especially you, for being our contact and helping us make this happen.  Thank you for everything.


Hi Ivor, just want to let you know the tour guide we had was one of the best we ever had.... she was extremely polite ...accommodating and professional..... we could've not been more happy with her services.

Kevin Fish


Hello Ralp! Thank you for taking care of both the restaurant reservation in Bordeaux as well as Epicure in Paris. I have heard from Warren Ross today. He said they had a wonderful day and that their guide was excellent. He said that their choice to stay in the city was a good one as they “like the vibe”. He said that their beds are good ones and the food is great. He said the hotel décor is a little strange, but I had warned them of this from other clients’ feedback.

Warm regards,