Hi Jessica,

I wanted to give you a heads up that I am meeting with Bertrand Collignon from Decouvertes tomorrow. We are attending the same conference and he reached out to connect. I already told him how amazing you were and how helpful you have been to me and my business.

Hope all is well.



Hi Ralp,

These clients just returned yesterday from France and I had the email below from Alexandra. Thanks so much for your help in getting this organized so quickly and for following through with great recommendations and service throughout.  It is sincerely appreciated!

All my best,


Hi Andre,

Sometimes it’s just nice to get a nice letter saying “thank you.”

From Sarah Wright and Pope Brock. Thank you, Andre!


Great feedback from the happy Whitenights!

Thank you!


Hello, Ralp and Harmonie!

I thought I'd share the email I received moments ago from Gretchen Davidson. 

THANK YOU for all of your efforts.  So far, so good!



Cecile, you deserve a medal..! You are fantastic, thank you so much!

Next time I will call you straight away if I don’t hear from you – add me to your “safe” email list.

I can’t wait to confirm to my clients – thanks again, you are wonderful. I am going to work with you on every France booking from now on.

Kind Regards,


Thank you.  I think I’ll be able to process this tomorrow or over the weekend.

Enjoy your wedding!  Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.  I’m sure Matt will be able to help me with any minor questions that may still come up.

Thank you again for all your efforts to create a wonderful vacation for our clients. I kick myself every time when I think of how many times I could have used Decouvertes in the past and didn’t.  Now I can’t think of using anyone else.

Best of luck to you!

Warmest regards,


Kaufman was extremely pleased with the trip! Thank you! Did you get any feedback?

This is what he sent me. I appreciate everything from you. I love it when we get nice reports back from our clients.

As per usual, your plans executed perfectly!  There was not one hitch.

FYI, the hotel (chateau) in Bayeux is off the charts fantastic!


Hello - my recent clients just returned from France and Jean-Noel there guide made the trip for them.  They wanted to share their feedback with him and anyone else who might have input to him.  See below - thanks!

From Mr. Frels -

The guide, Jean-Noel Mesnil met Catherine and us independently at the train station and, we headed out to Reims.  He had thoroughly researched the towns and battlefields in my father’s diary, and he was a font of information. When Carmela had her incident that required going to the emergency room in Reims for stitches, he was with us the whole way and translated with the staff and doctors on her and our behalf. Without his involvement, it would have been a really difficult situation. We got to the Chateau after midnight, and he was on duty without complaint.

Jean-Noel took us to a variety of locations, memorials, battlefields, and town.  He added a lot of French history that enhanced the story of WWI. Having a driver was essential because that part of France is not easy to navigate.  We could never have done this trip and found half the places he showed us without him.

From Mrs. Frels

We thought Jean-Noel had done copious research and was very well versed in his preparation to lead us along our paths

From Catherine - their daughter -

Kudos to all for making this a wonderful and memorable trip!

I echo Mom and Dad's rave reviews about Jean-Noel and Catherine & The Chateau -- We really were treated like family by them.

I want to make sure I've thanked Jean-Noel appropriately. 


Hello. Please find the feedback from this trip which is great and I hope useful. Happy clients which are the best so thank you!

Yes, it was fantastic!  We got really lucky with the weather, which was perfect.

All of our guides were very good.  We had Rebecca in Paris and Marine in the Loire.  Both were well organized but flexible and made suggestions to modify our tours in very positive ways.  This quality if one of the things we love about the arrangements you make for us.  Everything went off without a hitch except for the very final check-out from the hotel at the airport...they did not have the prepayment record.  Turns out it was the fault of the hotel; they had received the information from the agency but had failed to post it.  Our contact was extremely helpful and worked out the problem quickly.  By the way, we had not been sure we would like staying at the airport the last night, but it turned out to be a great idea.  The hotel is new and quite sleek; very comfortable.  The food and service were outstanding.

We would highly recommend our little hotel by the Luxembourg Park.  Great location and beautiful little place.  We would also recommend the boat dinner cruise.  We met some Parisians celebrating a birthday who was very friendly and made some great restaurant suggestions in addition to wanting to discuss politics :)

The Loire valley was lovely.  I loved the hotel in Chenencoux (Jeff thought it was ok but I think he would have preferred something in a larger town like Amboise).  Luckily for me, our guide Marine shares my love for gardens which came in handy at the chateaux.  I am sure Jeff would have preferred sitting on a bench with a book, but he gamely toured every nook of the gardens with us. We hit the jackpot with our wine tour.  It was the very opposite of what we expected.  Down a quiet lane to an old farmstead built into the cliffs (a troglodyte). The winemaker is now retired and came out to the yard with his wife and two cats to meet us.  They didn't speak English, but Marine translated.  We went into his caves which extended several hundred feet into the cliff.  We sat for about an hour tasting his wines, some aged 20 years.  They had made several trips to the states and brought out maps to show us where they had been and to talk about Las Vegas!  I think they enjoyed it as much as we did.

Anyway, great trip.  We are already talking about going back to Normandy.