Fri, 2010-10-08

Stephanie (Stevie) Wooten / TCS & Starquest Expeditions / Octobre, 2010
Dear Didier,
I thought you might enjoy these pictures from the Davidson’s Bucket List trip. Even with the illness, they had a wonderful trip and loved it all. Thanks for everything you did. Stevie
Image: courtesy of Mr Davidson - American Cementery - Normandy,France

Tue, 2010-09-14

Surrounded by magnificent views, these warm homes combine comfort and luxury.

Mon, 2010-09-06

Decouvertes' Mission Statement is a very important aspect of our company...

Mon, 2010-08-30

We would like to share with you our 2010 catalogue with the complete Decouvertes Collection!

Mon, 2010-08-30

If you already have a login, do not forget to check the number of miles of your account!

Wed, 2010-06-09

This special event attracts more an more diversified public.Designers, architectes, brand ambassadors, collectors, curious individuals, come to admire new creations and make some window-shopping...
From Wed 9 to Mon 14 June.

Mon, 2010-06-07

Dedicated to those who prefer the benefits of small group travel. Discover our Active, Culinary, Jefferson & Burgundy, Fashion and Wine small groups....starting from 1910€ per person 

Mon, 2010-05-24

It was a pleasure to welcome the Historic New Orleans Collection members on an original and unusual tour around Art, history and preservation.