The beauty of individual travel is that your trip is made especially for you! Share your dreams with us and let Découvertes™ do the rest…
Découvertes’™ customizes vacation experiences and enables you to get a feel for the country and experience it in a totally different way. Visiting France always has something frustrating : there is so much to see, so much to do, so much to experience that it is impossible for one to see and experience everything in one stay.
There is something for everyone whether you are, a first comer, a regular visitor, a child, a young adult or a party of frineds. France is a rich and magnificient country with endless possibilities! This is the reason why we have created "The Collections". They aim to help you to learn, find and decide where to go and what to do.

We are very happy to share what our country can offer you. Our team of Travel Consultants are here to help you put together the once in a life time experience that you are looking for while planing your trip to France.

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Christian heritage: France boasts some of the world’s most ancient, stunning and captivating cathedrals. Each one is a work of art and has its own personality.
Jewish heritage: The history of the French Jewish Communities goes back to the beginning of Roman Gaul. Admire the synagogues and monuments, meet with rabbis, and enjoy Jewish-style and Kosher cuisine.

France is the perfect country for those who wish to know more about philosophy, literature, poetry, theatre, painting, sculpture, architecture. An abundance of venues is concentrated within the different regions of the country from the Cro-Magnons of Paleolithic times to Contemporary art.


Enjoy exclusive visits to private gardens never open to public. Whether created and lovingly nurtured by passionate amateur gardeners, who are delighted to share their private Eden with you, or designed by master landscape artists for the pleasure of us all, each of these gardens is one of a kind.

Thanks to its geographical location facing both the North Sea and the Mediterranean, France has been subject to a rich variety of cultural influences. Come and visit France to know more about Prehistoric France, Roman Gaul, Gothic France, the Revolution era, WWI and WWII….


Discover contemporary art in France through the famous galleries, private "daring" collectors and foundations.
While designing a program around Contemporary Art, our team will focus on the most innovative artists, places, events dedicated to contemporary art. We do not forget about events such as the FIAC in Paris or the Biennale de Lyon where you will get the opportunity to be led by experts and artists. Besides, we get a privileged access to kick-off parties and special events!


France offers an endless variety of architectural masterpieces in large cities and small villages.
Contemporary master architects can introduce you to the latest buildings highlighting architecture in France, such as the Millau viaduct or the Library of France.
Experts in architectural conservation guide behind-the-stage visits to sites which most interest you.

Discover the latest innovations while visiting High-Tech companies escorted by the best experts, industrial plants, laboratories, (ei: the highest viaduct in the world in Millau, Eurotunnel) and many other extraordinnary sites. Share your knowledge in discussing with engineers in their lab and meet with your counterparts in French universities. Encounter with the major leaders of the French high tech companies.


France is home to a number of landmarks and monuments scattered throughout the country. Towering, graceful, historical, majestic, triumphant - these are but a few of the adjectives one tends to ascribe to many of them.