Insurance and Sales Conditions


Find here our Insurance Policy.


Please note that our quotes are merely informative as all services are SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. All fares and availability of services will, therefore, be confirmed on the day you confirm your client’s booking by sending us back the signed credit card authorization form. 



The total price provided by Decouvertes includes the services listed, a tailor-made itinerary, 24 hours assistance service throughout Travelers’ trip, Prepaid Vouchers (upon request), Decouvertes’ fees, taxes. We consider that our negotiated rates are confidential and therefore, as a general rule, Decouvertes does not provide a breakdown of rates and services – thank you for your understanding. 



• Airfare not listed in the itinerary, 

• All not specified services in the itinerary (Entrances fees when not mentioned, Meals when not mentioned, Transfers, Porterage, etc), 

• Room Service 

• Excess Baggage Charges 

• Passport and Visa Fees 

• Personal & Travel Insurance 

• Gratuities 

• Any Item specified as ‘Arranged on own’ 



For any travel related emergencies, or service change or request less than 72h ahead of the services, travel agents or travelers should call the 24/7 assistance line (+33 (0) 6 14 06 19 67). Decouvertes cannot be held responsible for a service change or request not made effective in the case of notification by email less than 72h ahead of services. 



Without any contrary information from the travel agent or the client, Decouvertes will presume that each passenger carries a standard number of luggage pieces per person: 1 checked luggage, 1 airplane cabin luggage, 1 airplane carry-on luggage. 

In case of a higher number of pieces, the travel agent or client have to proactively inform Decouvertes about this excess before or during the trip, in order to adjust the service type and cost and avoid any transportation issues. All adjustments remain subject to our cancellation policy, changes on initial proposal policy, and changes on confirmed itinerary policy. Decouvertes cannot be held responsible for any extra cost or delay in the service or any event that would result as a consequence of a miscommunication in relation to the amount of luggage. 



A 35% deposit is requested upon booking and full payment is requested 60 days prior to Travelers' arrival in France

All the live events ticketing services are not included in the deposit and are submitted to a full payment upon booking. Tickets are not modifiable and not refundable. 

Our suppliers may have stricter payment policies. In this case, Decouvertes will apply the stricter policy and will adjust the amount of the deposit necessary to cover the main services confirmation. In this case, Decouvertes will inform and explain to the Travel Agents the amount of the deposit.

For private accommodation rentals (Villas, Apartments, Chalets, Barges or similar): Payment policies of the owner or manager of the private accomodation apply. Such payment policies are disclosed by Decouvertes when quoting the services. 

Payments are made in Euros and can be made by credit card, Euro checks or wire transfers. Découvertes accepts the following credit cards: American Express, Visa and Mastercard. Please note that Découvertes does not charge any supplement for credit card payments. 



Découvertes strongly recommends that travelers purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance. 

The following cancellation penalties apply for Individual Travelers (FIT) and not for group bookings:

● From confirmation up to 20 days before arrival, clients can elect between the two following options 

o a penalty of 20% of the total net billing will be applied, plus any penalties applied by our suppliers at the time of cancellation. The balance will be refunded to the clients in the conditions specified in paragraph 5.2; 

o the total net amount will be given as travel credit in the conditions specified in paragraph 5.3, less any cancellation fees applied by Decouvertes’ suppliers. 

● From 19 days up to arrival, a penalty of 100% of the total net billing will apply. 

NB: Decouvertes’ suppliers may have stricter Cancellation Policies. In this case, Decouvertes will apply such policies. All refunds and credit vouchers will be made deducting any penalties applied by our providers at the time of cancellation. All entrance tickets are not modifiable and not refundable. Decouvertes is not liable to disclose or detail any supplier policy at the time of booking, but will disclose them upon request. 

The following cancellation penalties apply to Individual Travelers (FIT) for private accommodation rentals (Villas, Apartments, Chalets, Barges or similar): 

● Cancellation policies of the owner or manager of the private accomodation apply. Such cancellation policies are disclosed by Decouvertes at the time of Booking in written to the client or its representative or agent. 

● A flat cancellation fee of 600 euros is applied by Decouvertes (which does not include any commissioning to the clients’ Agent) 

● An additional 2.5% cancellation fee of the total net booking is applied by Decouvertes to cover for credit card fees. 



Within 30 days of receiving written notification of the cancellation, the refund will be processed, excepting any sums paid to suppliers prior to notification of the cancellation and not yet recovered and regained by Decouvertes. Any sums recovered after the 30 day limit will be paid to the client within 15 days of reception by Decouvertes. Decouvertes is not liable to prove that sums have not been recovered. Decouvertes will disclose upon request proof of payment to the suppliers. 

The refund will be made in Euro or and sent to the traveler via the originally charged credit card or via wire transfer to the account of origin. 



Clients may postpone their trip within a 24 months time frame, counting from the initially planned arrival date. Clients may opt to postpone their trip up to 20 calendar days prior to the initial arrival date. 

Penalty fees apply in accordance with our cancellation policy. Our suppliers may have stricter Cancellation Policies, any financial loss as a result of a cancellation shall be borne by the clients. 

Our suppliers may offer higher rates in the postponed trip dates for services initially quoted. Clients shall be responsible for payment of the difference between the rate of the original booking and the rate of the new booking. Decouvertes cannot anticipate such an increase and will communicate it to the clients only when postponed trip dates are communicated by the clients to Decouvertes. 

When clients opt to postpone their trip, all services initially quoted are subject to availability. In the event where a service initially paid for would not be available at the new dates, Decouvertes will make every effort to offer an equivalent or alternative service, but in any event no refund will be issued. 

Postponements are offered free of charge, as long as new trip dates are communicated and any outstanding balance is paid to Decouvertes 60 days prior to rescheduled arrival date. No postponement will be offered and operated by Decouvertes less than 60 days prior to Client’s planned arrival date. 



In any case trip costs do not include items not specified in the itinerary. 

Decouvertes makes every effort to adhere to this itinerary. In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to make an adjustment to the services in the itinerary (including but not limited to change of provider, change of car, change of day or time of the services, or change of guide or driver). Should such adjustment be necessary, an equivalent substitute will be offered when and where possible. 

If war or terrorist activities, civil unrest, closures of airports or seaports, industrial threats or any other event outside the control of Decouvertes which cause either delays or extends the holiday or compels a change in the holiday arrangements, Decouvertes cannot accept liability for any resulting loss, damage or expense. 



Final Documents, often called Passengers travel documents, are sent via email, 30 days prior to the traveler's arrival in France. For last minute bookings or any bookings confirmed less than 30 days prior to the client’s arrival in France, the Final Documents will be sent out once we receive all final confirmation from our respective suppliers, prior to the clients’ departure. 

To ensure the quality of the services provided, it is imperative that we have the client’s phone number. In this regard, we will only send the Final Documents once we have this information. The Passengers travel Documents includes all addresses and necessary contacts. It also includes General Prepaid Voucher, Individual Vouchers for hotels and special services when required



“GUIDE- DRIVERS” or “DRIVER-GUIDES” Vs Chauffeurs or Driver: 

Our “Guide-drivers” are guides who are licensed (accredited) to lecture the travelers into museums and monuments, and also have a special driving license and insurance allowing them to chauffeur passengers. Our Guide-drivers all speak very good English (or the promised language).

Chauffeurs or Drivers are NOT qualified to enter and guide clients into museums or historical monuments. 



For Self-Drive Itineraries, an upfront planning fee starting from 500 Euros may be requested depending on the length of the itinerary. 

This fee will be deducted from the total Package cost if the client decides to book the itinerary. In case the Self Drive is not booked, the said planning fee is kept by Decouvertes. 

Please take note that all provided itineraries are the sole property of Decouvertes and should not be used without prior permission from the respective owner. Furthermore, these itineraries cannot be reproduced nor printed if the proposal is not booked with Decouvertes. 



Our goal is always to make sure that our clients (travelers) have a perfectly adjusted itinerary. In this aim, we believe in the efficiency of a collaborative process. Therefore, the first 3 proposals are at no cost, nor booking commitment from the clients. Starting from the 4th version of the proposal, a corresponding re-planning fee will be applied to the Traveler - final client, in the amount of 150 euros for every 3 days of itinerary. 

This re-planning fee can only be deducted if the client commits to book the said proposal by providing us with the initial 35% deposit of the total package cost. 



Any service change after the final confirmation of any Itinerary (written booking confirmation and 30% deposit) often requires way more work than creating an offer from scratch. In this regard, Decouvertes reserves the right to apply a fee of minimum fee of 100 Euros per requested change (per service), plus price difference if any. 

NB: We understand by “service change” any change on a service date, time, nature, provider, location, including restaurant reservations. 



As more and more clients wish to plan their vacations in a very short notice, which is something we really understand and as a very short notice requires way more work than a regular framework plan for the advisor and also the support team, we are in the obligation to request a discretionary planning fee, in the average of 300€ for every day of itinerary, and which may increase depending on the nature of services. When we charge a planning fee from our clients, our suppliers are also keener to make all special efforts to fulfill your requests. Our expert Advisors are fully responsible for evaluating the level of the fee with the Travel Agents. Our team starts working on your project only upon receipt of the agreed amount. Upon confirmation of the booking, the amount charged as planning fee is fully deductible from the global amount. 



Our Advisors are always very pleased to include restaurant suggestions in their proposals. Up to 3 Restaurant reservations are included for free. All others are subject to a 35 euros charge per restaurant reservation and 35 euros per person for any Michelin star restaurant. This is valid during the quotation process. After confirmation of the booking / Itinerary, a charge of 50€ is applied as mentioned in the above paragraph.

NB: for all fine tables and Michelin star restaurants the client credit card is always requested to guarantee the restaurant booking. Please be aware that Michelin star restaurants always charge the client credit card in case of No Show or late cancellation up to 48 hours. This policy varies from one restaurant to the other. 



These conditions are governed by French law and both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of French Courts at all times.