Decouvertes' Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Decouvertes' mission is to "Give access to educational experiences and to interpersonal exchanges in France".

Decouvertes' Values

INTEGRITY - We are committed to being genuine and open in the relationship with partners, based on mutual trust and to respect each item of our contracts.

CREATIVITY - We are originals not copies, and our clients have the right to expect unique products.

HIGH QUALITY - We are committed to offer top level services to our clients and to create the most favorable conditions to allow everyone in the company to produce the best and to give the best in his/her relationship to others.

RESULT ORIENTED - We are committed to obtaining the best possible results for our clients and to achieving a mutual beneficial relationship for our clients, Découvertes™ people and our participating partners.

PROFITABILITY - We want to be profitable to pursue our "Raison d'Être".