Missy Weil/Indagare Travel/Independent/July 2016
Hi Celine!
I just wanted to let you know that our clients had an amazing time and I wanted to share their feedback. Thank you so much for your help. You did an incredible job on the ground and I am THRILLED they had nice weather! They just got back from the hike. The guide was GREAT. So interesting and a pleasure to be with. They saw so many interesting things from waterfalls to a variety of animals and just unbelievable views. They had a great picnic and even stopped for tea in another refuge. The stay in their refuge was so cool and they had it entirely to themselves. It was perfectly situated with a view of Mount Blanc and really just so quaint. The dinner was cheese fondue and gourmet vegetables from the garden. They were so welcoming. Today they summited the mountain, slid through a snow field, and took lots of selfies with the random horses and cows. Just incredible! They are so tired though now and happy to be back chilling at Les Fermes. They're excited for Mallorca tomorrow. Thanks again.