Bob Preston/Globe Bleu/Independent/July 2016
Dear Shahista, 
Thank you for following up.
The S were pleased with their Normandy/Paris trip and I am relieved. It was our first time working together. Here is the overall feedback I got at the end:
We enjoyed every minute and felt pretty lucky with the weather. Paris, much to my surprise, was a nice ending. We saw some off the beaten path things and had a really fun time despite some crowds.  This was our first trip using a travel specialist. I can't believe I spent so much time in the past putting trips together by myself. Not only was the planning simplified but I didn't worry each day about whether or not a guide or driver would truly show up.  It actually felt like a vacation for me as well! We will spread the word.
About the Normandy guides: Sandy was a wealth of information and so personable. She did an outstanding job. Etienne was awesome as well.  I don't think anyone knows more about agriculture and he was so fun. We wanted to adopt him. Keep both of these guides in your repertoire. Christian was excellent.
Thanks again for your assistance.
Kind regards, 
Bob Preston