Diane Reesor / September, 2007

Bonjour Isabel,
We LOVED France and Paris especially. We were there mainly for the battle sites but were very impressed with everything else we saw as a little aside. David and I were scuba certified on a boat in Tahiti managed by a couple from France and they told us how snobby the people of Paris were,so we were a little intimidated with going to Paris with our little French phrase book and a long ago memory of grade school French.
But we were blown away with the friendliness of everyone we met, not only the tourist associated businesses but even the street side crêpe maker. Paris is indeed a beautiful city so much to see, so much history, stunning at night and so convenient to tour all the sites by walking.
All our tour guides were excellent, personable people and interested to have David positioned for the best camera photos.
The France portion was incredible, such differences in regional style. Beautiful countryside, well maintained historic buildings, coffee shops with delicious patisseries, so much history again. YES IT WAS GREAT!
Diane Reesor