John Galante/SmartFlyer/Virtuoso/October 2015

Hi Sandra.
I hope you are well.  I just wanted to get back to you with feedback on the tours you did for the JAS group.
I attended the Hotel U Capu Biancu wine & gourmet lunch and thought it was excellent, as did the attendees.  Vanessa, the wine sommelier was great and we enjoyed her knowledge and wine tasting.  We all learned a lot about Corsician wine and enjoyed them tremendously as well.  The wine cellar was gorgeous and the event was well done.  Lunch was great too.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't great, otherwise the location was fantastic!
The two that planned the trip to Sartene also enjoyed their excursion and enjoyed the guide.
The drivers were great too - especially David, the driver who did the wine lunch as he had to make two trips and I was grateful and tipped him generously.
Thanks again Sandra for all your help with these tours.  Sorry we did not do more business together.  Next time!