Michelle Bemis / McCabe World Travel / Virtuoso / September 2022

Everything went very smoothly.  All of our hotels were good, but we especially like the Chateau Saint-Giles outside of Bayeaux and would highly recommend it.  Lovely setting, excellent food and service directly from the owners.  Also, all the restaurants recommended by your team were very good.


All of our guides were friendly and knowledgeable, although two stood out especially.  Our guide for Versailles was fun and could answer any question, and we did try to stump him!  He made that day a highlight of our trip.  Also, the young American woman (from Virginia no less) we had for our day at the beaches and cemeteries was really top notch.  


Finally, a special mention for the tour of the cidery, Maison Perigault.  We were a little early and arrived at the same time as a large tour group.  The owner called her son out of the fields to come give us a tour; we spent several hours with him which was a special opportunity to chat with a fellow farmer.