Karen Benson/Camelback Odyssey Travel/Virtuoso/July 2015

Dear Celine and Aurore,

We received the wonderful feedback below from the Starnes regarding their time in France and we wanted to share with you.  We are so glad to have partnered with you to make this trip smooth and memorable for them!

“The trip was wonderful.  Loved Eze and Hotel Chèvre d'Or and love Crillion Le Brave and the hotel.  Totally different and both so unique and charming.  We were so glad we chose countryside vs. city.  The Peninsula was quite the contrast to the medieval city hotels we had been staying in - very high tech, very luxurious.  Could have used another day in Paris but it was time to get home!  Favorite meal - Louis XV.  Favorite hotel - can't choose, all great.  Favorite sightseeing - view from outdoor dining at Crillion Le Brave; lavender fields and sunflower fields.”  

Thank you again, and all of our best,

Robyn and Karen