Andrea Keiderling Fehl/Travel and Transport/Virtuoso/June 2015

Dear Geraldine,

Happy Friday and I wish you an enjoyable weekend.  I wanted to forward to you the kind message I received from Mr. B. below.

We had an excellent trip. Our hotel was exactly as shown on their app.  No surprises.  Location was great. Your restaurant recommendations were great.  Les Ombres was very good. Great location for viewing the Eiffel Tower at night as it lights up.  Food was good. 

Car service was great.  They took good care of us yesterday during the taxi strike.  We had little impact, but thankfully we were leaving early so we were out in front of a lot of the mess. 

Or guide – Rebecca – at Versailles was very nice.  We were glad to have her instead of being among the crowd of tourist listening to recordings. 

Thanks for everything!

Take care,