Laura Madrid/Laura Madrid Travel/Virtuoso/June 2015

Dear Thomas,

I got a call from Mrs. R. with rave review of their trip and now below from Beth Reeves. I would love if you would share the below with the Napoleon - they did an amazing job for these clients and the Chef should get this feedback! MERCI for pointing me in the right direction on this family and taking care of them so well! Laura

“We’re back and I wanted to thank you so much for your expert help which ensured the France trip was safe and enjoyable for our kids. The guides in Normandy and Paris were fantastic across the board, very knowledgeable and personable. The Hotel Napoleon was amazing. We ate all meals at the hotel and could not believe  how “above and beyond” the chef had gone to make sure O. and W. allergies were accommodated. It was an experience we have never had before and made our kids feel they were just like everybody else who wanted to have a nice dinner out with family."