Debbie Carosella/RC International Travel/Virtuoso/July, 2013

Bonjour Marie,

We just had the most wonderful time in Provence and that was largely because of how incredibly well you took care of us. We were trying to decide what was our favorite thing and it was just impossible to choose between Rousillon, the sunflower and lavender fields, L'isle du Sorgue, Fontainbe de Vaucluse, Baix du Provence, the quarry art exhibition, etc... It was all just spectacular and you did an amazing job helping us navigate these towns and being flexible with all our wishes. You are very talented at what you do and were just a complete pleasure to be with.

Thanks for everything. Hope the rest of your summer goes well. We've attached a picture of all of us in the lavender fields!

Debbie, Lisa and Mom