Rebecca Wright / Robinson Crusoe / Virtuoso / June 2013

Dear M. Collignon,
Lucile Zagouri was our guide and driver during part of our recent wonderful trip to France.  Lucile met us in Bordeaux and toured with us through the region and then on to the Dordogne.  All the guides you provided for us were excellent, but Lucile really stood apart in several ways.
On the day we were to tour Sarlat and then go to one of two special gardens the weather was cold and the rain was steady and heavy.  We did navigate our way around beautiful Sarlat and the umbrellas (it was market day) and managed to see the old part of the city, but a picnic and stroll through gardens was out of the question.  Lucile instead took us to a beautiful abbey with a covered cloister and we had a very special time there.  We were almost alone in the abbey, we had a charming lunch in a little restaurant nearby, and as a bonus we enjoyed watching preparations as guests arrived for a wedding in the abbey church.  It turned out to be one of the pleasantest days of our trip.
But the very best was the arrangements Lucile made to get us into the Font de Gaume cave.  As you perhaps know, we could purchase tickets only on the day of the tour.  The ticket office opened at 9:30.  Our hotel was a half hour from the cave.  Lucile picked us up at 7, we were second in line by 7:30, and by 8 AM there were 25 people in line.  It was a cold, windy day, and Lucile insisted we stay in the car while she stood in the line.  We were able to get tickets for the English language tour, the cave was the highlight of our trip, Lucile had brought us a tailgate picnic breakfast with little cakes she had made, and we had an absolutely perfect day.
All the guides were knowledgeable and friendly and we learned a great deal from them all.  Denise, in Paris, was also a wonderful guide.  But we are really indebted to Lucile for the effort she made to get us into that cave.  I should also mention the excellent guide, Cecile, who led us through the Musee de Prehistoire (please excuse the missing accents, which my key board won't do!).  Every driver and guide was resourceful, patient, courteous, and professional.  Thank you so very much for helping make our trip so special.  Kay Widmer, my traveling companion and friend, joins me in saying we will never forget it or you.
Sincerely yours,
Lynne Cullinane