Decouvertes: proof of a high valued service

Dear Bertrand, I just wanted to put down in writing/an e-mail how much I have to praise your fantastic staff Cynthia and Sebastien - they did a job that was nothing less than amazing. Hard work pays off always, but when you do it with a smile and with sincerity, such as Cynthia and Sebastien did - well, it just makes life so much more enjoyable and of course in our industry where everything is so intensive and with so many changes at the last minute, to work with people like the Decouvertes team made everything easy by comparison. I wish we would visit France more often - and of course, always work with you and your amazingly brilliant, friendly, intelligent, competent, charming, stylish, efficient, fun staff! You have clearly lead them along the right professional path Bertrand and please know that you have done a superb job. Thank you again. I hope that we can meet up soon. With kind regards. Neil
Starquest Expeditions / Neil Holbrook-Smith / October, 2012