Lauren Awerbuch / Bay Travel / July 2012

Hello Laurent

I have just spoken with Mrs Ariella Spyrides and she absolutely loved the yacht! She said it was superb! The crew was apparently amazing and she couldn’t fault it in any way.
She really raved about it which is unusual for this family. Not too much exceed their expectation!

She thought the Yacht was wonderful and the Captain and crew were “brilliant” in her words – so a big thank you to you, Decouvertes, Captain and Crew.

She loved the Aircraft too – she was very hesitant about taking it once they committed to it but she said it was fantastic and seamless so once again, a huge thanks to you for all your tireless work on their booking.

One more to go… with regards to the Cruise on the Seine – they don’t seem to be into Alcohol in a big way at or at all but want kid friendly food and snacks!

Thanks again! Hooray!