Joan Burns / Frosch / April 2012

Hi Cecile, Just wanted to let you know our group was very happy in Nice with all of the tours/sightseeing that you arranged(Harry requested) for the week in Nice March 25-1 Apr. I did want to mention that Patrica the guide was great and all of the group was happy with her..she did have a problem with 1 woman in our group who was rude to her and gave her a bad time..but she handeled all with calm and politeness..I want to especially thank Patrica for getting Francoise ... to the rail station(April1st) and seeing that she successful got on the train and also at the end in Paris had help..which Patrica and the hotel concierge helped to obtain as Ms.... is 90 years old and she was so appreciate of this please be sure to thank Patrica for all of her help..I will forward the letter to you that she wrote to me at some point, however Iam moving my home and so the next 2 weeks are very busy for me.
But I will not forget to send it.
Thanks again for all of your help with our dinner Tues Mar27th at the was wonderful and many would like to know the name of the Winerary.
Again thanks so much for everything Decouvertes always does a great job and its people are wonderful.