Betsy Hall Domoto / Aldine Travel / April 2012

Dear Cynthia and Sebastien (and everyone else who worked on this),

Thank you for the terrific job you did on this MICDS school trip.
They thoroughly enjoyed themselves - as far as I have heard.
You worked long and hard on changes and requests - and we so appreciate your efforts, suggestions and final itinerary.

I am hoping they will do this again with a new group of students - and we will continue on.

You are such a wonderful organization. Your work ethic and professionalism are unmatched, and I feel so confident in having you at Decouvertes take care of our valued clients with your great preperation, guides, suggestions, and drivers. To know, once a traveler gets to France that he/she will have a trusted and knowledgeable contact for whatever occasion may arise is a vital part of my (and our) planning.

Thank you again for all you do.