James Mitchell /

Dear Cécile,
We are just home and were delighted with our stay in France, your arrangements and planning, and of course Stephanie who was a more than excellent guide and driver all rolled into a very intelligent, likable, and gracious host. You should be very proud to have her on your team.
As to our findings, I think we were able to get enough information about Martha, Marie Madeleine, Sidonius, Maximin, and Lazarus to have some comfort that she actually did travel to France, preach there, and retire to grieve over the loss of her brother/husband. I tend to think that the amount of years she was supposed to be there in Ste. Baume may be overstated. If she was born around 2-5 CE and Lazarus was killed around 55-60 CE grieving for 30 years would make her about 90 when she died. But that's a small discrepancy.
I would like to add that the countryside in Provence was more than pleasant.
With all best wishes and kind regards,