Rebecca Wright / R. Crusoe & Son / August 2011

Hello André,

The Manos had a fantastic time.  See below for details from their evaluation.  Thanks again for another super job!! J  And please pass along my gratitude to their guide for making their trip so special.

Please rate the following:      
Local guides: = excellent
Sightseeing: = excellent
Accommodations: = excellent
Transportation: = excellent

How would you describe your overall journey?         
WOW!It was truly exceptional and too much to type.

What was the highlight of your tour? 
Our guide, Cendrine was an absolute delight. She was on the same wavelength as us and was able to
extrapolate from our itinerary and expose us to places and information we otherwise might never
have experienced. Everything was a highlight

Were your expectations met?

Kind regards,
Rebecca Wright