Paul Busang / GTI Travel / May 2011

I returned yesterday from the "Paris in the Springtime" trip that GTI
arranged . I wanted to write to let you know how much my mother and I enjoyed the trip and
compliment your staff on putting together such a wonderful trip. The
itinerary was perfect - just the right amount of group time with ample time
for rest and/or alone time. The accommodations were nice with great
locations. I can't think of anything I would have done differently, unless
one has control over the number of fellow tourists at a given destination!
I particularly would like to highlight how much we enjoyed our guide on the
trip - Sophie. I think Sophie singlehandedly took the experience on
the trip to the highest level. She is extremely knowledgeable not only of
the major attractions, but also the anecdotes that make learning about the
local culture fun. She is well spoken in English and perhaps most of all,
she has a great sense of humor. The entire group was extremely
complimentary of Sophie. I personally feel a sense of indebtedness to her,
as my mother is 80 years old and Sophie took great care not only to look out
for my mother and me but to include my mother in the conversations. My
review of her abilities is nothing but glowing.
As an experienced traveller, I have had a number of good guides. Sophie
stands out as the best I have had and I wanted to pass that along so that
your other clients in the future can have a similar experience.
Thanks for a great trip, it will endure in my memory as a very special