Barbara W Hopkins / Cornel / May 2011

Hello, Anabela...
I met with Christine Holmes this morning, who said that the Paris trip was just wonderful in every way and that Annie, our guide, was superb.
I am sending you the brief comments (also very commendable) from Abby Nash, which I received last week.
" The wine tasting was also very good, w/ a good presenter, a beautiful setting & excellent wines, accompanied by high quality bits of food.
The chocolate visit was particularly strong. Chloe is a master of the material, very well organized, speaks English very quickly. I learned a good deal.
The instructor cooking  was funny & his MO was more interactive w/ the group, altho at the same time he didn't pressure anyone to do anything. I would recommend him to others or for a repeat visit. 
Again, I really enjoyed the trip & am grateful for the chance to go "