Anne Laraison Fleck / World Travel Service / Virtuoso / September, 2010

Hi Lydie,
I just want to report on the Carole Glowacki’s trip this past two weeks
They found that all the guides you set up for them were excellent and they asked the guides to join them whenever a lunch was involved.
1. They liked Bordeaux, but looking back feel they should have stayed an extra day for more time to explore this beautiful city.
2. Normandy was wonderful, they loved staying at the Lion d’Or and being able to explore Bayeux on their own in the evenings. They were given a very nice room. Their guide Frederic did the Mt. St. Michel crossing with them and took good care of them afterwards(i.e. cleaning up etc..).
3. In Paris, they had a little problem with the Malte Opera on arrival. It took about ½ hour to resolve it. When they first checked in, about 1-2pm, they were given a very small room which they felt was not was they paid for. It took two tries to get a Superior twin. In spite of that, the hotel was very clean, extremely convenient and on a quiet street. The breakfast was perfect. I would say that the only negative was their arrival and the staff not very pleasant about it. Their day trip to Giverny and Versailles worked out very well, especially since their guide Mickael suggested going to Giverny first to avoid the crowds.Mickael also suggested a good, reasonably priced restaurant in Versailles.
Thanks again for expertly planning this trip for us.
Merci, Anne