Geordie Mcdonald / Vision / Virtuoso / October 2018

Hi Ralp, I hope all is well. I just spoke with Julie Ruttan about their trip and overall they really enjoyed it.  Most of their accommodation was excellent, their guides were great and they really enjoyed the excursions that we booked.  She has a few comments about some of the accommodation.
There were a few places that were not at the same level as the others. Hostellerie Le Cedre was a nice place but their room was in poor condition. They felt the rooms were old and rundown and had peeling paint and chips in the walls.  They found it very odd that their room was in such poor condition.  As well, Hotel du Chateau they did not like very much.  Their room was very small, and considering the high end hotels they had been staying at, it did not match the same level.  Other than that they liked all their hotels, and loved a few of them like Esprit St Germain, Chevre d’Or, La Bastide de Gordes and Chateau La Cheneviere.
Thanks for your assistance on the booking, again I really appreciate your expertise.
Best regards,