Stacey Barone / TBH travel / Virtuoso / September 2018

Hi Ralp,

I spoke with the Weissmans today.  Aside from the two issues with the transfers, the Weissmans were very happy with their overall experience.

The thing they highlighted the most was their guide, Jeremy.  They said the two days they spent with him were the highlight of their entire time in Paris and Burgundy.  The term Mr. Weissman used was that he was "off the charts" fantastic.   They explained that many of the wineries were closed, as they were visiting over the weekend, but there were a few places that opened just for them, and it was "magical".

They also enjoyed having the Meet and Greet upon arrival at CDG, so I know I will continue to offer that to my clients (and since I just made plans to visit Paris in April, I will probably contact you to arrange it for myself as well).
Thanks for your help on behalf of our mutual clients.  Please let Jeremy know the Weissmans thought he was awesome!

Warm regards,

Stacey Barone