Tina Vincent, / Betty Maclean Travel / Virtuoso / October, 2009

Good morning Julie, The arrangements you made for us in St. Malo were perfect. We had a total of 20 participants (18 guests + 2 hosts), one guest canceled that morning due to illness. The beautiful, clean coach along with the driver and your terrific guide Fabrice were parked ready to go prior to our meeting time.
All our Virtuoso guests embarked and were ready to go before our departure time, so we were off on our exciting tour ahead of schedule. Our guide Fabrice was outstanding and everybody was very complimentary of his impressive knowledge of not only Mont St. Michel but all the area between the port and the event. Fabrice's English is impeccable and his charismatic personality rounds out a very impressive presentation.
As you may remember (from the e-mail I sent from the ship), one of our guests wanted to join us on the event, but chose not to ascend to the top of the abbey. He was satisfied to remain at the base of the structure and snoop in the shops until we all met back at the base at Mere Poulard where lunch was served. Another elderly lady who attempted to climb to the top chose to sit on a bench about half way up the steps and wait for the remainder of the group and then joined us as we returned to the bottom. My co-host (my mother) stayed seated with her and they chatted and people watched as the rest of us completed the tour at the top of the abbey.
The luncheon at Mere Poulard was wonderful. We were escorted to a private area on the second floor, and seated at 2 large tables of 10 guests each. The omelets were simply amazing and everyone truly enjoyed the special treatment.
The entire experience was outstanding! I compliment not only you, but our wonderful guide Fabrice and our very competent driver, Francois.
I thank you for all your help in making this Voyager Club Event a true success. I look forward to relaying this same report to Virtuoso.
Best regards from Naples,
Tina Vincent, CTA, DS
Senior Travel Consultant
Betty Maclean Travel, Inc