Becky Robinson / Departure Lounge / Virtuoso / May 2018

Hello - my recent clients just returned from France and Jean-Noel there guide made the trip for them.  They wanted to share their feedback with him and anyone else who might have input to him.  See below - thanks!

From Mr. Frels -

The guide, Jean-Noel Mesnil met Catherine and us independently at the train station and, we headed out to Reims.  He had thoroughly researched the towns and battlefields in my father’s diary, and he was a font of information. When Carmela had her incident that required going to the emergency room in Reims for stitches, he was with us the whole way and translated with the staff and doctors on her and our behalf. Without his involvement, it would have been a really difficult situation. We got to the Chateau after midnight, and he was on duty without complaint.

Jean-Noel took us to a variety of locations, memorials, battlefields, and town.  He added a lot of French history that enhanced the story of WWI. Having a driver was essential because that part of France is not easy to navigate.  We could never have done this trip and found half the places he showed us without him.

From Mrs. Frels

We thought Jean-Noel had done copious research and was very well versed in his preparation to lead us along our paths

From Catherine - their daughter -

Kudos to all for making this a wonderful and memorable trip!

I echo Mom and Dad's rave reviews about Jean-Noel and Catherine & The Chateau -- We really were treated like family by them.

I want to make sure I've thanked Jean-Noel appropriately.