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"Through years of successful collaboration, découvertes™ has developed a reputation for understanding the needs of our clients and their travelers and for delivering successful programs.
Letting our client organizations know that we are working with you on our trips to France helps us secure their business."

Steve Ridgway
November 2005

“We recently relied on découvertes™ to design and execute an itinerary and the support services for a large family group. A very successful FIT experience for all of them. The guides, the vehicle, the itinerary , the dining arrangements were all superb.”

November 2005

« We have had the privilege of working with découvertes™ for the past year arranging private sightseeing experiences with great success. Our clients have all been very pleased with their services.
I am looking forward to working with them more in 2006.”

Robert Romano
October 2005

" I have been fortunate to work with découvertes™ on a number of high end leisure bookings. découvertes™ was able to pull off some amazing feats. They have been very responsive to the whims of my clients and never did I feel like I was putting them out with numerous changes. découvertes™ made me look like a star and for that I can highly recommend them."
Peter S. Carideo
October 2005

“The South of France has long been known for its warmth and hospitality. That this reputation is much deserved was evident from every aspect of the scouting tour operated by découvertes™ - from the staff, organization, sights visited, accommodations and food.”

Jay Kamm
FAM Trip - October 2005

“Extremely well organized, extremely accommodating, extremely efficient. Very professional and enjoyable.”

September 2005

“The trip was well planned and showcased découvertes’™ tremendous knowledge of Provence and their access to sites not normally available to the public.”

September 2005

“I believe Provence is a hidden secret for many travelers and découvertes™ was able to reveal this secret in a delightful manner.”

August 2005

 “Dear Decouvertes,
I heard from my client and she said that was the best trip she has ever had, and she has been working with our agency for over 30 years!!!! I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me and my group, I too look forward to working with you again.
All the best,”

Dan - July 2005