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Hi Ralp, I hope all is well. I just spoke with Julie Ruttan about their trip and overall they really enjoyed it.  Most of their accommodation was excellent, their guides were great and they really enjoyed the excursions that we booked.  She has a few comments about some of the accommodation.
There were a few places that were not at the same level as the others. Hostellerie Le Cedre was a nice place but their room was in poor condition. They felt the rooms were old and rundown and had peeling paint and chips in the walls.  They found it very odd that their room was in such poor condition.  As well, Hotel du Chateau they did not like very much.  Their room was very small, and considering the high end hotels they had been staying at, it did not match the same level.  Other than that they liked all their hotels, and loved a few of them like Esprit St Germain, Chevre d’Or, La Bastide de Gordes and Chateau La Cheneviere.
Thanks for your assistance on the booking, again I really appreciate your expertise.
Best regards,


Ando and Rock (Paris Sept. 7 – 15) are now back from Europe with Rave Reviews for your drivers, guides, escorts… they were well groomed, polite and professional. Thought you’d like to know everything went very well.


Hi Lea, the tour in Paris was fantastic. We did not go  to the Picasso museum or any of the other plans. Instead the tour guide was totally flexible took us where we wanted to go and I would really recommend him for other people. He was knowledgeable and interesting. He took us to Le Marais, the Jewish section of Paris and we enjoyed the tour of this very trendy neighborhood, also saw the new Louis Vuitton museum which is amazing and considered the best new art museum in France.
The hotel in Paris was lovely but we thought the staff was snobbish.  The location was great but the vibe was different than the other hotels—where people smiled and chatted and seemed eager to help.  We had lunch at another hotel which was fabulous and I would really recommend it: L Hotel.  Wonderful, romantic dining room.  The hotel has famous guests, its historic and cool.
One thing I would remind people who like boutique hotels is the storage room can be very limited.  Peter and I had small suitcases but the Paris hotel did not have much space for us to hang clothes or put them in drawers.
La Traviata was wonderful—thank you so much for getting us the tickets.



Hi Jessica, Littmann’s had a wonderful time. Loved their guides. Everything went smoothly. I’ve been talking you up in the Travel Leaders group.  Hopefully, it will lead to more business for you! Thank you, Kim Tripp

Bonjour Silvia, I want to thank you for assisting our group to Normandy this past weekend.  It was a very  difficult trip and not much fun for me because of the cancelled flight last Friday.  But everything worked out and we actually saw everything except St. Mere Eglise.  Thank you for putting up with all of the changes.  I don’t think I will be working with that group again, but I hope to possibly have groups in the future.  Thank you again for everything.

Bon Chance

Hello Ralp,

I just wanted to give you some feedback from the Godley’s and Bauman’s trip that you did for me.

They loved their Guide in Loire Valley, Claire was wonderful.

They enjoyed the accommodations.


Hello Celine
Hilary just called me – she has had a wonderful time!!  Thank you again for arranging the school and her accommodations – all has been great!!

Hello Jessica and Bastien,
I did hear from my clients, they had a fabulous trip!!!!
Thank you,

Dan Kraft

As you know, Andy Brumby is in St. Petersburg today (yay for him!) and is loving it. He asked me to tell you that Petr in Paris, Robin in Normandy and Victoria and Kate have all been very nice and very good and would like for you to convey that to their bosses…he’d like for them to get some “kudos” as he put it.

Hi Celine,
I’ve heard back from the above clients & they very much enjoyed the arrangements you made for them in France – THANK YOU for all your help!!