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Greetings Ralp! Thank you for the lovely job you did on the Srivastava Champagne Tour. I look forward to working with you again.
Hi Noemie, Just to let you know, they had a lovely trip! Feedback below: Marcus and I had a great time in France. The guides were very knowledgeable and we learned a lot. The first hotel in Reims was lovely, with attentive staff, the second one in Beaune was a little tired but ok. Thanks for all of your help. Best wishes,
Hi Noemie, I have just returned from a week out of the office, attending Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas. After speaking with Mr and Mrs Drucker, they fully enjoyed their cooking class and experience in the south Of France. I thank you for your help in making the arrangements. Hope all is well with you and yours,
Good Evening Noemie, I think my clients beat me to it and sent you an email themselves about their trip.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work in helping to make this such a special trip for them!!!!  I greatly appreciate all you did, all your patience while I asked a million and one questions!  I am ever in your debt!!! Truly, your care and dedication to help us as travel agents create unique and memorable experiences is truly a gift.
My Sincerest Appreciation, Karen
Her e-mail rec’d yesterday morning said that the “Normandy tour was WONDERFUL & outstanding”. So thank you for providing fine services to our clients.
Good Day Ralp, Thank you for your reply. I will be sure that they provide a working phone number prior the time of pick up, so yes,  please pickup at the apartment. 
This is the first time I have booked with Decourvertes, and I have to say, this has been a wonderful experience. I already sent a word up the chain of command how great you have been and  I thank you!
Hola Gisela, El pasajero quedo encantado con el servicio, los guías y todo! Quiere felicitar especialmente al chofer que estuvo con ellos el día 15 de Septiembre en París.. dijo que muy atento y que los trato como príncipes. Solo tengo pendiente el pago de comisión que creo que se paga 2 semanas después de que el pasajero termino el viaje.... cuando tengas el comprobante me dices para pasarlo a contabilidad. Gracias por todo. Saludos, YAZMIN DUARTE
Thank you for the welcome! The honeymoon was fabulous. We'd give particularly high marks to our tour guides Bernard and Marek and (especially) Petit Hotel Confidential, if you have other clients headed that way. Thanks for your help,
Hi John, I know Lee told you how wonderful our trip was and I just want to reiterate his comments. The trip was perfect. All the drivers and guides were professional and very prompt. We loved the Ducasse Sur Seine and the Gourmet Tour. Normandy was amazing. You were so right about going there first, it really let us get over our jet lag in a peaceful environment. The George V was absolutely over the top in beauty and service.
Hi Cynthia! My clients were very happy with their Giverny day trip. Thank you so much for working on that so last minute!