Château de Gilly*****

Château de Gilly is a charming castle-hotel near the wine-growing town of Vougeot, Burgundy. 

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The Château de Gilly, former residence of the Cistercian Monks, is located two minutes from the famous village of Vougeot at the heart of the finest wine ("Grand Cru") producing area in Burgundy, between Dijon and Beaune. It has preserved its authentic Fourteenth and Sixteenth Century character, reflected in its moats, French-style gardens and dining room with its magnificent vaulted ceiling.


The Château de Gilly had been listed as a historical monument in May 1978 but had been converted into a departmental theatre. Grandes Etapes Françaises purchased it in December 1987. A formidable amount of work had to be envisaged in order to restore and transform buildings that were anything but comfortable and luxurious into a hotel and what was almost wasteland into a garden!