Château d’Artigny*****

In the heart of a 25-hectare park, this sumptuous castle, built by the famous perfumer François Coty in 18th Century style, dominates the Indre Valley, just 15 km from Tours.

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Built during the 100 Years' War, Château d'Artigny formed part of the defence system constructed along the Indre River around Montbazon.
The white stones of the majestic Château d'Artigny, the dream Belle Époque castle of François Coty, the famous perfumer, may be seen from a distance as they rise above the Indre Valley. Twenty-five hectares of park containing a French garden, marble statues, woodwork and trompe l'oeil frescos. No expense was spared in the creation of this beautiful residence, now an elegant castle hotel located south of Tours.
Château d'Artigny has welcomed a number of eminent people, such as the Queen of England and the Negus of Ethiopia in 1963. In 1973, the "International Monetary Conference" brought together at Artigny the Finance Ministers of the five greatest world powers.