Blé Sucré pastry shop

Fabrice Le Bourdat is the pâtissier at Blé Sucré and he opened his door in 2006. To have own his pastry was his long term dream and achieved it.
He has rich experiences in luxury hotel such as Le Bristol, the Plaza Athénée in Paris, or the Hotel Martinez in Cannes.

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Blé Sucré has taken root in this quiet neighborhood. People before work stop by to get croissant in the morning, ladies come to have sandwiches for lunch and kids come over to get snacks with holding coins in their small hands.
His concept is that to make pastries, cakes and snacks imaging each scenes every customer has. To make customers happy and offer special moments is his fundamental idea not just selling.
The products at Blé Sucré are affordable and which is to let everyone approach easily. Blé Sucré is not simply is a pantry, but a embodiment of Fabrice’s sweetness
Blé Sucré has always local people and offers the feelings of relax as well as lovely treats.