On June 8, 2018

When you enter the hotel at Chabran in Pont de l'Isère, the air you breathe is softer and already fragrant. We enter a quiet muffled conducive to great pleasure. Rose-Marie and her bodyguard discreetly watch, without this being noticed, to the approval of each one. We look at the promises of a subtle and inventive card that makes an unforgettable meal, season after season.

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After the hour of choice comes the time to savor, crowned by the happy hour of coffee, in the living room or in the garden. In the evening, if we linger after dinner, the end of the end is to sleep and dream on the spot.

So you can enjoy our comfortable, cozy rooms with views of our park or the floor garden. Our hotel also offers you the possibility to connect to the wifi for free in all rooms. After a beautiful and sweet night, the opportunity is for you to enjoy our breakfast, with in summer our garden which exhales a scented heat. And the sun's road has never been so beautiful.